Youth ParticipationParticipation

Youth Participation

General Assembly of the Youth Exchange

Vienna, 22nd April 2006

The Rainbow Paper On
Participation in Youth Information

We, the participants of the yout exchange 'Youth participation in Youth Information', having discussed on motivations and conditions of youth information hereby declare:

Chapter I
Young people's needs

§ 1. Youth shall be directly involved in the process of decision making and have influence on the development of the information projects.
§ 2. Youngsters shall be encouraged to work in group, as this increases the motivation and enables exchange. Therefore, regular meetings shall take place.
§ 3. Fun is significant aspect.
§ 4. Young people and their work shall be appreciated by the responcible persons and taken serious.
§ 5. Trainings shall be provided.
§ 6. Role and tasks of everyone involved shall be clear.
§ 7. A feedback from the target group is helpful.

Chapter II
Organisation background

§ 1. It is necessary to have contact/suppor persons. These shall be well informed, well trained and motivated.
§ 2. A feedback from young people to the information centre and vice versa shall exist.
§ 3. It has to be managed to reach the young people who are the target group.

Chapter III
Political background

§ 1. A relevant condition is the will and the precise commitement of politicians and professionals.
§ 2. The necessary financial means must be provided.

Chapter IV

§ 1. The quality of information shall be ensured, as it must be reliable and up to date.

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